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IARU Region 2 Seeks Help in Remaking Amateur Radio for the 21st Century

IARU Region 2 Seeks Help in Remaking Amateur Radio for the 21st Century

International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 2 (the Americas) is looking for a few volunteers to work together to brainstorm ideas and possible actions to increase ham radio’s attractiveness for the 21st century.

Are you a "young" radio amateur? Do you want to help rebuild radio hams for the 21st century ? Frustrated that there are so few of your friends and age group that have an interest in amateur radio? Frustrated that the amateur radio is in crisis, without doing more things or different things with technology? Concerned that an aging population means that the amateur radio is dying? And that our frequencies will be sold to the highest bidder because there are not enough amateur radio to show that we use them?

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According to their announcement,IARU Region 2 said they are looking for a few young hams between 18-35ages and has been been licensed for more than 1 year and interested in helping to remake amateur radio for the 21st century.  

IARU Region 2 has prepared to provide funding to try out some of the proposed ideas to see how well they work. They expect that some ideas will work, others won’t, and different things will work in different parts of the Americas – one size will not fit all. As part of the work, IARU R2 would propose to send one person to the IARU R1 YOTA youth camp to experience the camp, meet with the R1 youth coordinators to learn about what they are doing in Europe and Africa, to exchange ideas, and explore what joint activities might be done.


Source: IARU-R2

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