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How to do when your RT3S locked on 150Mhz frequency

How to do when your RT3S locked on 150Mhz frequency

This is a question from a customer: Help My RT3S wont key up below 150Mhz and 450Mhz, how do I get it back to normal frequency? 

Sometimes when you switch the frequency mode to VFO mode on RT3S, you found that the display frequency locked at 150.000Mhz and 450.000Mhz, and the frequency cant changed to outside of the 150-160Mhz and 450-460Mhz. 

Once the radio be locked, you can only use the frequency between 150-160Mhz, and 450-460Mhz. and the radio cant be reprogrammed to outside of this frequency.

After being unlocked, the radio will be work normally.

How to unlock the frequency?

1. Turn off the radio.

2. Press the sidekey 1 and sidekey 2 together.

3. Turn on which holding down the two keys. 

4. After the radio turn on, the radio frequecny is unlock to the normal frequency. 

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