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Dual Band Telescopic Antenna-Retevis RH770

Dual Band Telescopic Antenna-Retevis RH770

For walkie-talkies, antennas are just as important as transmitters and receivers. So if we want to make our radios work better, selecting the right antennas is very important. Many customers select Retevis RH770 for their U/V dual-band radios. 

Why they select Retevis RH770 for their radios?

Telescopic Antenna-Retevis RH770.jpg

For the dual-band telescopic antenna, the wave trap is very important. it can filter some unwanted signals to reduce interference with useful signals.

Besides, Compared to the short antenna, more efficient at the same frequency. As the saying goes, inch by inch is strong.

Compared to the long antenna, more convenient to carry.

Compared to the single-band antenna, wider range of applicable models and frequencies.


  1. When using a two-band radio, if a single-band antenna is used for a long time, a high standing wave ratio will be generated in the other section, and the reflected power is very large. Long-term use will damage the radio.

  2. When using a telescopic antenna, we need to place the antenna to a suitable working length.

  3. Please keep away from other electronics antennas.

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