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Do I need to create a RX group list in the CPS?

Do I need to create a RX group list in the CPS?

Today let's we talk about one customer's question"is it necessary to write a Rx group list in the CPS''? 

What is RX Group List?

A receive group list is just a list of talk groups. When configuring a channel on your radio, if you want to hear more than just the talk group you’re listening on, you will need a receive group list. A RX group list can contain more than one talk group. If you want to be able to listen to several talk groups without changing channels,

you can add them to the Rx group list for that channel.

Why need a Rx Group List?

When programming your channels, you can choose to monitor not only the one talk group associated with the current channel but many other talk groups.

For example, if you connect to a repeater that has many talk groups on and they share a time slot, your channel is for one of those talk groups, you may want to monitor all the talk groups share the same time slot to hear whether there is activity on any of the other talk groups. 

Another example is that you can create an Rx groups list for your favorite talk groups. so you can monitor their ongoing activity. 

As we all know that even if you set up an Rx group list with many talk groups, when you transmit, it only can transmit t the TX contact which set up for the current channel.  If youI hear someone on a talkgroup that is different from the one you have programmed for the channel you're currently tuned to, you can quickly tune to the channel programmed for that other talkgroup in order to join that conversation.


On some radio have an optional feature, during the channel hang time, you can switch to the channel of the last talk group. On Ailunce HD1, it is"Priv/Group Call Response".



 Is it necessary to write an Rx group list? It depends on your own requirements. You can add all your favorite talk groups in one RX group list, also the talk groups with the same time slot in an RX group list. also, make all the talk groups belong to the same country in one RX group list.  The principle is you can hear any talk groups that are in one Rx group list but only can transmit to the TX contact associate with the current channel.

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