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Daily Archives:March 23,2024

How to switch IARU frequency regions on AilunceHD2

On Ailunce HD2, When the radio is off, Press [MENU]+6,turn on the radio. enter the password:654321. Switch IARU regions.  ...

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What's the RxALLCC of Ailunce HD2?

Ailunce HD2 RxALLCC is similar to the Promiscuous. RxALLCC is color code promiscuous. When turn on it, you can receive the signal even if you have a different color code.  ...

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Do you know the Lock Mode of Ailunce HD2

Ailunce HD2 added the different lock modes to suit different usage environments. You can lock the keypad or keypad and Channel knob, or keypad and Channel knob and PTT. You can do whatever you want.  ...

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Ailunce HD2 IP67 Dual Band Dual Mode DMR Radio

Retevis Ailunce HD2 Waterproof Dual Band DMR Ham Radio  ...

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