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Q&A about Ailunce HD1 DMR Dual band radio

 Q&A about Ailunce HD1 DMR Dual band radio

1. Q: When the speaker mic is hooked up, and keypad lock on, can i disable the ptt button on the radio itsself? i want to put the radio in a pouch?

A: Since now, when active the HD1 lock key, it will lock the keyboard and PTT.  but we will upgrade this in our future radio. 

2. Q: Can i use this in off-roading up in the mountains?

A: Yes, of course. HD1 has FPP function, you can program all the settings on the radio when you are in the off-roading. directly program your repeater information on the radio. 

3. Q: Can HD1 receive dual signals? on the main channel have vhf freq and secondary have uhf freq?

Yes, you can set the HD1 dual band standby. Short press the #button to swicth signal band and dual band standby. But it cant receive the signals at the same time.

4. Q: Does this radio have 100,000 or 200,000 contacts? I read conflicting information.

A: Yes, we have updated the HD1 to support 200,000 DMR database.

You can follow this instruction https://www.ailunce.com/blog/How-to-import-digital-contacts-into-Ailunce-HD1

5.Q: Can this do analog aprs?

A:This is a pity HD1 dose not support the APRS on analog mode. 

6. Q: Can you download the software and program using Apple desktop/laptop?

A: the software cant run in the IOS system. 

7. Q: What kind of head set plug is on the side?

A: The headset connector is compatible with GP328Plus. 

8. Q: Can the hd1 use mdc-1200 ?

A: Sorry, it does not support MDC-1200. 

9. Q: Will it be able to send and receive transmissions to other brands of walkie talkies? 

A: It is able to send and receive transmission from other brands DMR radios. 

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