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What's the Scrambler function?

What's the Scrambler function?

The scrambler function of the analog walkie-talkie is to change or mix the communication voice and informations. so that people can only receive and understand it through a specific frequency or channel. It is an important means to ensure that the content of radio waves will not leak privacy and prevent eavesdropping. From a functional point of view, it is similar to the encryption function of a digital walkie-talkie, but it is different when used.

As with the encryption of digital radios, after both parties to the call set scrambler at the same time, normal communication can be achieved, and it can effectively prevent the outside world from having the same frequency of walkie-talkies from stealing the call information.

When we set the encryption function for the digital radios, the radio with different encryption settings and the same channel and other settings will not be able to hear your voice; but if the analog radio has the scrambler function turned on, the radio with different scrambler settings and the same channel and other settings can still hear your voice. Hear your voice, but it's distorted.

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