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How Can I Get a DMR ID

How Can I Get a DMR ID

When we start to play a DMR radio, we need to get a DMR id first.

If we only use the DMR radio in our small groups or the local amateur radio club which has their id system. We can custom the number by ourselves in our group or get the number from the club. If we want to use the DMR radio to the network. You need to register a DMR id, and the id is the unique identification, just like the cellphone number. Cross-mode interconnection requires DMRid to associate call sign. In MMDVM, the DMR and P25 modes need to use the secondary ID, D-STAT, YSF (C4FM) with the call sign, and the interconnection needs.

Where can I register the DMR id?

All Europe and Africa DMR Registrations must use the https://register.ham-digital.org/ website registration. 

North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania use https://www.radioid.net/register#!

Here we need to know that you only need a unique ID for every subscriber that is on the system at the SAME time, meaning during the same QSO on the same talkgroup. You can resuse IDs for radios/subscribers that are not on the air at the same time. A mobile and base radio can have the same ID. If you only use a mobile in the car and a portable and home you can use the same ID. If you loan a radio to a friend, the radios are part of a club fleet or the radio is used for linking/3rd party applications then multiple IDs are preferred. Most people will only need 1 or 2 IDs. We will require a pretty good reason to exceed this limit. Please only request IDs if you are going to use them NOW, don't reserve a block of IDs if you aren't using them in the immediate future. 

We know HD1 supports to save up to 32 ids, is it useful?

Absolutely yes. 

As usually we only have one DMR radio id. But sometimes we may need to use other ids, even it is not an official id. Such as, I have an official id for hams use, 4606001, and people can check my information via this id number. So I write it on my radio. I use it to communicate with worldwide hams. In other local groups of my city, It is not for hams use, the group will send the members a new id. So I need to save it on my radio too. Or my friend may want to use my radio for outdoor one or two days. He also can write his id on my radio and edit several channels with his id.

How to register?

1. Get into the right website, then select the country and write your callsign.


2. Write the following information, and upload the photos.


You can refer to this video to know more how to get a DMR id.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to leave messages to us.

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