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The History of China's Amateur Radio Competition in My Eyes 6

The History of China's Amateur Radio Competition in My Eyes 6
  • In 1990-1991, the group station operators were younger

  • BA5CW
  • 1990 is the year that college graduates, borrow last year the first collective desk clerk certificate examination of 35 people pass the wind, I began to collect data in May 1990, preparing for the exam.I still remember when I went to the Children's Palace in Huangpu District to take an exam in the middle of the year, I entered the exam room with a bunch of middle school students who were much younger, which was really a little unusual. At that time, I needed to check Morse code for grades 2 and above. After listening to the tape for two months, I still felt that I could not break through the speed (although it seems to be a very slow speed now). When I got the HF Third-level operator certificate of BZ4DIP, It was already the graduation season. Stay after work, although know BY4AJT have founded for two years, but due to the shy, embarrassed and rob help students mix with the radio playing, so has been still belonging to a free from the collective units "collective machine operator", in retrospect, no formal training infield is not a big problem, just in the era of information developed, limited vision is one of the biggest problems.
  • Certificate of HF Class III Operator, 1990, unable to operate at 20 m band
  • Since 1990, the number of participating teams in CQWW has decreased slightly compared with last year. There are 6 teams in SSB and 4 teams in CW. Just like last year, there are 4 teams participating in both competitions, among which BY1PK, BY4SZ, and BY4AA are the three old ones. It can be found that, with the popularity of amateur radio, CW has a certain threshold for young people. The training cycle is longer than SSB, and the number of young HAM students who can double repair SSB CW is significantly lower than that of the older generation. Even if they pass the assessment of high-level operator certificates by surprise, they may not be able to cope with the competition easily.
  • In the question bank copied in 1990, the CW level was not good enough at that time, so I had to give up the higher-level exam
  • The two teams that only participated in the SSB one mode competition in 1990 were the BY3CC of Children's Palace of Tianjin Heping District and THE BY4RSA of Jiangsu Province Association, which were launched only last year. They were both the first teams to participate in the competition. This year, BY1PK is still the first of the two models, but it has stopped making records. The SSB score is 2.45m /3000-QSO, and the CW is 1.66m /2300-QSO. The transmission is indeed a little worse than last year, but it is also at the peak.BY4SZ has made significant improvements in the competitions of the two modes. The results of SSB (about 2800QSO/ 3.35 million) and CW (about 1.3300qSO /2100QSO) are significantly higher than my own results in previous years and close to BY1PK. This year, BY4SZ should be changed in some aspects. Also worth mentioning is BY4RSA. The Nanjing team participated in the SSB competition for the first time and achieved a result of nearly 1.9 million /2500QSO, which was much better than many teams participating for the first time. Later, the fact proved that the strength of this team was relatively strong. In the competition in 1990, BY3CC and BY4AA had foreign aid from Chinese Americans (KU6T) and German OP (DJ7BU) respectively, but the foreign aid did not greatly help the result.
  • Tsinghua University, BY1QH, the earliest collective university in China, has received many foreign OP.
  • WPX SSB games in 1990 are still only two teams, each team 3 years are a little change, this is BY1PK and BY8AC, including BY8AC, is founding in the competition for the first time in nearly five years, their performance is close to BT4YL 1988 records, the ability is a worth affirmation, while BY1PK far in excess of the record, in fact, the QSO didn't BT4YL in much of the year, only BT4YL coefficient is too low (guess that BY4YL because the cause of china-japan friendship AD hoc Taiwan, a siege by JA, QSO many, but the coefficient was dragged down).
  • BY8AC, the amateur radio station of Chengdu Youth Palace's future.
  • In 1990, the WPX CW made its first Chinese entry, and it was a solo entry. It was a BY8AC appearance after his appearance in the WPX SSB competition. It was only a token 10 QSO, but the first entry should always be recorded. Just my notes in the early founding of Chengdu youth palace "in the future," radio BY8AC some equipment information: including TS430S, FT107M, FT707 three short-wave transceiver, each one FC767 and MFJ949 day, three yagi antenna unit 44 meters, 10 meters, vertical antenna and bipolar antenna of the antenna system, then the same period BY1PK BY4AA "luxury" waiting for the big stage, but also belonged to be the envy of.
  • After the introduction period of the first 5 years, the competition enthusiasm of CQWW in 1991 was significantly reduced. SSB only had two teams, BY1PK and BY4AA, which was less than the three teams of BY1PK, BY4AA, and BY4SZ of CQWW CW. In fact, the spread in 1991 It is the second peak of the 22 propagation cycle. Although slightly lower than the end of 1989, the SSN of the 22-period peak is a very high value compared to the following decades. Only BY1PK has seized the opportunity in these years and created another After a good result, he left the arena for a long time, and several veteran collective stations also "fed off" collectively.
  • BY1PK captured the propagation of the 1991 CQWW CW SSB competition to create the glory
  • Speaking of BY1PK in the 1991 competition, the number of QSOs of CQWW SSB MS is as high as 4,000, and the high score of 3.83 million has been on the record list for a long time. CQWW CW scores are also very good 3100QSO/2.75 million points. If I have a chance to find information, I would like to write a separate paragraph to restore the two classic events at that time.
  • BY4SZ in 1991 (BT4AG BT4AW special station of the year)
  • The WPX SSB that year was further reduced to only one team BT4AG participating. From the OP list, this is a special channel of BY4SZ. They narrowly beat last year's BY1PK with a score of 2875QSO/295 million points and wrote a new WPX SSB record. 

    Recalling that the competitions in those years were still a very big thing. After all, competitions were not the mainstream of amateur radio activities in our country at that time. As an introductory HAM of that era, he didn't even know the things written above, not only was unable to participate in it personally, Even ordinary daily QSO is very strange.

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