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MMDVM/Pi-star Simplex Hotspot and Ailunce HD1

MMDVM/Pi-star Simplex Hotspot and Ailunce HD1

With a MMDVM/Pi-star Simplex Hotspotbegin your DMR road.  


Our MMDVM Hotspot is assembled, You can use it out of the box. The only thing, you need to configurate your own wifi, callsign and ID. The default frequency is only 433.55000Mhz.  

When the Oled screen lights up,Raspberry PI will build its own wifi AP hotspot. Open your phone or laptop search an internet SSID named Pi-star, then input password raspberry. and then open browser http://pi-star or You can go to the configuate your own wifi, callsign, ID.  Then restart the Simplex MMDVMHotspot. 



Configrate your DMR radio. 

Creat a simplex mode channel, frequency 433.55000Mhz. time slot 2 and color code 1. 

Next, do a private echo test 9990.  



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