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How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

Do you want to talk with your 2-3 friends on the channel with encryption? for if some others don't know the key to they can't listen to your interlocution. But how to set the encryption on Ailunce HD1?

1. Set DMR channel and ensure that communication is OK

For an example, I want radio-A and radio-B to commmunicate with encryption on the below channel.

TX: 439.40000MHZ

RX: 439.40000MHZ

Colour code: 1

Time slot: 1

Group cotact: TG91

DMR channel setting-Ailunce HD1.jpg

Except for the ID Setting, others setting of radio-A and radio-B are same.

2. Set the encryption as below

Encryption setting-Ailunce HD1.jpg


The Encryption can't set in the radio, and default Key Value is not valid.

3. Select encryption mode on the channel

Encryption channel setting-Ailunce HD1.jpg

You can select normal or enhanced Encryption Type. I select the normal mode 1.

4. Write into the radios

When you write OK, the radio will show as below.

Open encryption-Ailunce HD1.jpg

Can you set it now? Any question please leave a message, or email to us: hams@ailunce.com.

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