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How to set Rx group on Ailunce HD1

How to set Rx group on Ailunce HD1

When need to receive more contacts besides the priority contact at the same time, you can set the Rx group. How to set Rx group on the Ailunce HD1? I'll show an example to you.

1. radio-1: set a DMR available channel

TX: 439.40000MHZ

RX: 439.40000MHZ

Color code: 1

Time slot: 1

Group cotact: TG91

DMR available channel-Ailunce HD1.jpg

2. radio-1: set Rx group as below.

Set Rx group-Ailunce HD1.jpg

3. radio-1: select the Rx group in the channel

Set Rx group in the channel-Ailunce HD1.jpg

4. radio-2: set the priority contacts of channel 1, 2, 3, 4 to CALL1, 2, 3, 4. such as channel 4 as below.

Set radio2-Ailunce HD1.jpg

5. Please put the radio-1 select the channel 1, then radio-2 transmit on the channel 1~4. the radio-1 can receive all message of four channels.


1>. Please upgrade the firmware of the radio to V1.64, and program your radio with the latest software.

2>. The radio can receive all message of Rx group, but can't transmit directly except for the selected priority contact.

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