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Does amateur radios can work with FRS/GMRS radios?

Does amateur radios can work with FRS/GMRS radios?


One customer who actually trying to program FRS/GMRS, Road radio, marine radio. and he is a new DMR radio operator and recently got a new Ailunce HD1 DMR radio. He wants to know how to make HD1 work with FRS/GMRS radios?

What is FRS/GMRS radio?

The Family Radio Service (FRS) is a private, two-way, short-distance voice and data communications service for facilitating family and group activities. The most common use for FRS channels is short-distance, two-way voice communications using small hand-held radios that are similar to walkie-talkies.  FRS radios are allowed on channels 1-14. Specific to FRS are channels 8-14, but channels 1-7 are shared with GMRS radios. 

The GMRS system, as mentioned previously, is like the big brother to the FRS. GMRS radios share channels 1-7 with the FRS, but have their own specific channels of 15-22. GMRS radios are able to be used in duplex mode (where signals can be sent and received at the same time – explained in our previous blog on two-way radios vs. cell phones) whereas on channels 1-7 all radios can only be used on simplex mode. 

What is FRS/GMRS frequency? 


How to program HD1 to work together with FRS/GMRS radio?

Open HD1 software, Enter the FRS/GMRS frequency and choose the CTCSS/DCS if set this on your FRS/GMRS radio, here please note that channel type is Analog. 


Here you can download the codeplug,  Open it on your HD1 software, then you can work HD1 with your FRS/GMRS radios.  

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I would strongly suggest not to transmit on the FRS beyond the .5mW. You're welcome to monitor FRS but wouldn't transmit. As for GMRS, I do not know of this is product is acceptable to transmit. Here is a link to the FCC FRS rules and there is one there for GMRS.

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