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Daily Archives:April 29,2019

Why you need a DMR Hotspot

 Apr 29,2019   Aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

A hotspot is simply an internet gateway to a particular DMR network (Brandmeister/TGIF). DMR Hotspots have become very popular due to the expansion of the Brandmeister Network in recent years.  ...

Why Can not I Access the Repeater

 Apr 29,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

One question we often hear from new hams (and maybe some not-so-new hams) is "why can't I get into the repeater?" There are many reasons why you can't get into a repeater so it is difficult to come up with a quick fix for all situations.  ...

Basic Introduction for Analog (FM) Repeaters

 Apr 29,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

Repeater, as the name implies, an FM repeater repeats your radio signal. It is just an amateur radio station that has been designed for the special purpose of retransmitting your signal instantaneously as it is received.  ...