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Raspberry Pi duplex MMDVM hotspot is a multimode digital access point: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, POCSAG and NXDN,

supports amateur radio bands VHF 144-148Mhz and UHF 430-450Mhz,

with 10mW maximum.


For custome a special callsign sticker for Ailunce HD1.


HD1 SP/MIC protection cover


DMR  TDMA Single frequency repeater.

Output Power 10W/20W

Ultra-portable design


Li-ion Battery for Ailunce HD1


Desk charger and AC Adapter


Retevis designed T-shirt, Retevis Logo printed on the front and back.


Portable Handheld Repeater Case, Two Way Radio Case


Omnidirectional handheld walkie-talkie antenna with large bandwidth and low standing wave ratio High gain:2.15/3.2dBi SMA-F Connector