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How to connect Ailunce HD1 to a DMR Hotspot

Do you know how to get QSO with amateurs from all over the world use Ailunce HD1?  ...

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Ailunce HM1 Mobile Radio is in Designing

Ailunce is designing the dual-band DMR mobile radio HM1. H means Hams, M means Mobile, 1 means Generation. HM1 is Hams Mobile Radio Generation. We want to design one Mobile Radio with all the hams.  ...

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Just need a Inverter

We always use the adapter to convert AC to DC, do you know how to invert DC to AC?  ...

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The footswitch for PTT that you need is coming

Do you have a footswitch for PTT? Can you provide a 3.5mm plug for PTT? Yes, Ailunce FS01 is here to meet your needs.  ...

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Why hams like to set up radios in the wild?

Many hams have their ham radio shacks, but almost every weekend, hams still like to go to the field to set up antennas and radios. Why? After the last two fieldsets, I think I understand them.  ...

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The first desktop microphone of Ailunce named Ailunce SM01 is coming

The first desktop microphone of Ailunce named Ailunce SM01 is coming. there are four types of connectors to select, including GP328PLUS, Kenwood 2-pin, RJ45,8 PIN ROUND connectors, and they can work for Ailunce HD1, Retevis RT3S/ RT22/RT21/RT617, Retevis RT73/RT95, and Icom IC-7300.  ...

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