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Mic Gain Setting Not Working in HD1?

Mic Gain Setting Not Working in HD1?

I bought a new HD1 and the first thing I tried (after program it :-) ) was to adjust the Mic Gain, I need to lower the Tx mic level in DMR and for some reason I changed the values from -10 to +10 and there is no difference. How can I adjust the Tx mic level ? I tried setting it in the radio and then with the CPS same results, NO change. 



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Vivian Xu

Before flash firmware to V1.64, do you think the TX sound normal on DMR? For HD1, the mic gain setting only for analog.  Why you want to lower the TX mic level? is it possible take a video send to  Thanks. 
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Forgot to mention I flashed the radio to FW 1.64