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Soliciting Ailunce Logo

Soliciting Ailunce Logo

Ailunce is a brand of the amateur radio. From the first product handheld radio HD1 to Mobile radio HM1 which is currently being designed. The Ailunce goal is to meet the hams requirements. Now for all radio amateurs and design enthusiasts to collect logo original works.

Host: Ailunce

Theme: Radio,Hams

Solicitation period: 2019.6.25-2019.7.25

LOGO design requirements:

    1. Concise and clear, with a sense of the times.

    2. All LOGO designs must be accompanied by creative meanings and related text descriptions.

    3. The designed works should be original. LOGO is not registered with the National Trademark Office and does not infringe the copyright of others; if there is any infringement of the copyright of others, the designer bears all legal responsibilities.

    4. Selected designs will get a free mobile radio HM1.

Note: If there is no design selected, we will cancel this solicitation.

Please send your design to hams@ailunce.com

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