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Gain: 2.15dBi Max Power: 100Watts. Connector: NMO.


Retevis LC47 Black Universal Radio Waterproof Holster


Frequency: 400-470MHz

Max power: 200W

Gain: 5.5dB


For custome a special callsign sticker for Ailunce HD1.


Retevis Hat for Radio Amateurs


Connector SMA-F; Dual frequency144/430MHz (136-174+400-470)MHz


Retevis RTC501 Universal 5-Port USB Wall Charger


Dual Band 144/430Mhz Whip Antenna use for Ailunce HD1 Amateur Radio


Retevis designed T-shirt, Retevis Logo printed on the front and back.


EH070K 2 pin Binaural Noise Reduction Headphone


0.1-1300MHz SWR,Returnloss Measurement Measurement parameters: SWR, R, +Jx, -Jx, IZI, return loss


Audio adaptor for : Retevis: RT29 RT48,RT82 Ailunce: HD1, Motorola: GP328Plus. To Kenwood 2 pin.


This is a high quality dual band antenna for mobile car radio. Easy to install and uninstall. High gain antenna provides stable signal.


Connector: NMO. Frequency: VHF/150-160MHz. Gain: 2.5dBi. Max Power: 150Watts.


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