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MMDVM Hotspot WiFi Digital Voice Modem Kit with Raspberry Pi Zero W

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Plug and Play MMDVM Hotspot! Support: YSF, D-STAR, P25, DMR and work with UHF,

Easy to use. Fully tested

Plug and play, fully-assembled, easy to use.

This is a fully-assembled device. It also comes pre-configured for a Wi-Fi network.   

Pi-Star free software makes it easy to update.

Please refer to below blog set your wifi. 


Support Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, Pi ZERO, Compatible with NanoPi NEO, Orange Pi, Compatible to BlueDV(Required to add USBtoTTL or Bluetooth model)
High-quality TCXO, stable with low BER.
Support VHF/UFH, frequency range: 144MHz-148MHz, 420MHz-475MHz,

Support upgrade online
Special design position for OLED and Nextion, reserved Bluetooth module Extra install 

Package Including:
1x MMDVM hotspot board

1x 0.96inch OLED display.
1x Raspberry Zero.
1x TF Card

1x USB Cable
1x Aluminum alloy case.





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