Audio Adaptor from Ailunce HD1 to Kenwood 2 PIN
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Audio Adaptor from Ailunce HD1 to Kenwood 2 PIN

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Audio adapter updated version for AILUNCE HD1 and RETEVIS RT29/RT48/RT648

This adapter is Motorola GP328Plus to Kenwood 2pin. When you use this adaptor on the radio, it won’t affect the sound of the radio itself.

Audio adaptor for :
Retevis: RT29/RT48/RT648,
Ailunce: HD1,
To: Kenwood 2 pin connector. 

After installing the adaptor, you can use the Kenwood 2pin speaker mic, earpiece, and programming cable.

Note: We recommend you use the original programming cable. If you want to buy Kenwood 2pin general programming cable, contact your seller to make sure it is workable.

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