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10 Band Amateur Radio Shortwave Balcony Field Day Portable Whip Antenna

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10 Band Protabl Whip Antenna 

Field Day Antenna

Multi-interface input and output.

Realize full-band use under radio battery power.

Using self-designed second-generation air capacitor 10-330PF.


Magnetic ring inductance   

Special air capacitor

Power: 100W 

SSB and CW FM Data Transmission

Total length of telescopic antenna 6M 


80米  3.5-3.9Mhz  (the signal is not so good tested in the Balcony)

60米  5.3305-5.3665Mhz       

7-7.100Mhz                  40Meter

10.100-10168Mhz        30Meter  

14-14.350Mhz              20Meter (Above the 14Mhz can gets the most efficient.)

18.068-18.168Mhz       17Meter

21-21.450Mhz              15Meter

24.890-24.990Mhz       12Meter

28-29.700Mhz              10Meter

51-54Mhz                     6Meter    (the signal is not so good tested in the Balcony)

Full band receive, also can receive U/V frequency. 

The above bands are all erected on the balcony and erected in the field.  

Applicable environment: Balcony, Field Day Use.

Package details:

1. Shortwave Whip Antenna × 1 (two sections)

 2. Antenna Tuner box × 1

 3. Flat cable ground network × 1

 4. End feed box with tie rod cable × 1

 5. 50-3 feeder × 1

Not including the tripod.

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