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DMR Codeplug

DMR Codeplug

A codeplug is simply a radio's configuration file. 

Using a manufacturer's programming software you configure the channels and operating parameters of a radio, this file is uploaded to the radio. 

Building a codeplug can take many hours, especially if you want to program hundreds of channels.

The codeplug can also contain a Contact List of Radio IDs, call signs, and names to be displayed. 

You can find copies of configured codeplugs on the web for different models of radio; check out the different Yahoo DMR groups. 

All DMR radios support a limited number of entries in the Contact List.

If you don't know how to bulid a codeplug, you can download it from ailunce website. All the codeplugs are provided by hams. You can refer to them. If you want to share your codeplug with other hams. You can send your codeplug to hams@ailunce.com, we will post it on ailunce website.