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About HD1 Software

About HD1 Software

Q: Where can find HD1 software & firmware?

A: Please download HD1 Resources from this official link: http://www.ailunce.com/Support/HD1/UserManual

Q: Can I transfer RT82 codeplug to HD1.

A: Of course not. HD1 codeplug is .tw format, but RT82/RT3 codeplug is .rdt format. They are incompatible. 

Q. I downloaded the programming software for the HD1 and when I hope the program all the text is just “?”s.   

A: Please change the language to “English” is okay. 

Q. When the computer can not recognize the HD1.

A: Make sure to use the correct programming cable.

    Uninstall HD1 USB Driver from your PC.

    Download or either let windows search for the Prolific driver and install it.

    Check the com port from Device Manager.

Q: Can HD1 program support Mac system?

A: Not yet. HD1 now only support windows 7/8/10/xp.