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Why You Choose Ailunce HD1 as Your amateur Radio

Why You Choose Ailunce HD1 as Your amateur Radio

More and more people like HD1, but why they select HD1 from so many amateur Radios? There are some known Characteristics from our hams friends.

1. Dual-band radio

The frequency range of HD1 includes both u and v bands. you can be cross-band receiving and transmitting.

2. Quick switch single and dual standby

Short press #LOCK, switch between dual and single standby as below without going thru the menu.

Single&Dual standby-HD1.jpg

3. Quick switch frequency and channel mode

Short press EXID, we can switch between frequency and channel mode quickly.

4. Quick switch digital and analog mode

Under VFO mode, long press EXID, we can switch between digital and analog mode quickly.

5. FPP(Front Panel Programming)

Under VFO mode, almost all the operations can be done via the front keypad, such as adding a new channel, contact, id, and so on.

6. Quick start to scan 

Long press the *SCAN key, the radio will start to scan quickly.

7. Three scan ways

Three scan ways: frequency, channel and zone scan.

Frequency scan: under VFO mode, long press the *SCAN key to start to scan, short press again to stop. you can change the scan direction via the up and down key.

Channel scan: under channel mode, scan all the channels you set.

Zone scan: after selecting the zone that you want to scan, you can scan all channels in the zone.

8. Three scan mode

Three scan mode: Time, Carry and Search scan.

Time scan(T0): In this mode, after scanning the signal, the radio stops and accepts for 5 s, and then the scan is continued.

Carry scan(C0): In this mode, after scanning the signal, the radio stops the scan and continues to receive the signal until the signal disappears, and continues to scan again after 5 s.

Search scan(SE): In this mode, after scanning the signal, the radio stops the scan and receives the signal. Even the signal disappearsthe radio will not continue scan and stops at this frequency.

9. FM radio

FM radio-HD1.jpg

It's Frequency Modulation radio. you can turn on/off and set the function by software and the front keypad. Short press SCAN(*), scan the signal best channal; Long press SCAN(*), save your favorite channal; Long press EXIT, switch VFO&MR(memory mode).

10. GPS

HD1 has the GPS version. We can turn on GPS, then the GPS information of radio can be check; if we communicate with another gps radio, turn on the TxGPSInfo& RxGPSInfo items, we can receive and send the GPS signal at the same time. The GPS timing report time option can control the HD1 send the GPS signal to some radio every few seconds.

11. IP67

Hd1 is a waterproof and dustproof two way radio.

12. life-time continuous firmware upgrade for free

Since the release of HD1 the firmware has been upgraded to V1.6.1, support to aprs with the hotspot, 20000 contacts, 256 zones, add reverse function, and so on. the function is more and more perfect. you can download the latest firmware from our web for free.

HD1 is designed for you,so any questions and suggestions feel free to leave messages, or email to us: hams@ailunce.com

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