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Why set the color code

Why set the color code

Recently, our ham cute came over to ask why we need to set the color code. today let's talk about the color code. Everyone who uses digital radios knows that the color code is an important parameter for setting the digital channel, but why do you need to set the color code? We need to understand the source of the color code.

Land mobile communication systems all use frequency reuse to improve frequency utilization. Although the capacity of the system is increased, the interference level of the system is also improved. These interferences mainly include co-channel interference, adjacent channel interference, and intermodulation interference. The color code set is to reduce co-channel interference.

The color code length of the DMR standard is 4bit, which can be set to (0 to 15). By default, it is set to CC0, which can be used to distinguish two or more digital device systems that use the same frequency. For the device, the color code is an attribute belonging to the channel, so that a device can communicate with sites with different color codes. There can be up to 16 available color codes for each frequency. For device users, the color code is similar to the group ID. Just as groups are used to group individual users, color codes are used to distinguish systems or channels that use the same frequency.

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