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What is the difference between Monitor&permanent monitor &remote monitor

What is the difference between Monitor&permanent monitor &remote monitor

The monitor function is one of the commonly used functions of walkie-talkies. Monitoring is a way of listening to receive weak signals. we know the walkie-talkie has a squelch circuit, and it will not work when the signal does not meet certain requirements. Monitor's working principle is to manually open the squelch circuit, then the receiver accepts all signals. the radio will amplify all the signals through the amplifying circuit so that the weak signal or the back noise without the signal can be received and played regardless of whether it is a sub-tone or not. it means when there is no signal, it receives background noise.  For this function, there are monitors, permanent monitors, and remote monitors. Do you know their difference?


The monitor is always said to be the instant monitor. we can keep pressing the special key to listen without transmitting or disabling a radio’s squelch to listen for weak signals. 

Permanent Monitor

The permanent Monitor is also said continuous monitor. we can press the special key to keep on listening for weak signals.

Remote monitors

Remote monitoring is also similar to eavesdropping. This function can be used to turn on the microphone of the other walkie-talkie, and you can listen to the sounds around him, no matter whether the other party is transmitting or not.

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