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What is the Channel Work Alone? How does it works on Retevis RT3S DMR Radio?

What is the Channel Work Alone?  How does it works on Retevis RT3S DMR Radio?

Lone Worker is a safety system incorporated in many types of portable two-way radio systems. The two-way radio will sense whether a user has made a transmission within a preset period. If there has been no radio activity within this period, the handset will provide an audible alert.

The user can acknowledge the alert by pressing a button on the handset which will reset the timer, but if no reset is obtained the handset will automatically send an alarm to a control point with the identity of the caller.

The Lone Worker Alarm is ideal for many applications where staff have to work alone, security personnel, and for health and safety applications. 

Today, we will take Retevis RT3S as an example to see what does lone worker works? 

First, Enable the "lone worker" function in the software for that channel which you want to activate the lone worker alarm.

then set the lone worker respone time and reminder time in the General setting.

The radio will give you an alarm when it is the reminder time. If you are safe, you can press the PTT or any button to stop this alarm. 

But if you are in danger when you work alone somewhere, you cant response the lone worker alarm, you can also set an emergency system, then if someone stranger who can help you, he/she can press the PTT and let at other end of the radio know you need help. his radio will flash your radio ID and emergency in his radio screen. After the emergency system active, if you dont define the sidekey to off the emergency, you can turn off the radio, and then the emergency alarm will happen again when it it another lone worker repsonse time. 

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