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What is Radio Direction Finding?

What is Radio Direction Finding?

Radio direction-finding is the process of using instruments to determine the direction of radio waves based on the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves. Determining the "direction of the incoming wave" refers to the direction that the electric wave reaches in the actual electromagnetic environment where the direction finder is located. The ultimate goal of radio direction finding is usually to determine the "direction of the radiation source" and the "specific location of the radiation source".

In the early stage of radio communication, in order to receive the power of the radio station and ensure the quality of communication, people are committed to the study of the directional transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves. The key part is the study of directional antennas. The research and application of directional antennas laid the foundation for radio direction finding.

Radio waves propagate in straight lines in the air. If the direction of radio wave propagation can be determined, the direction of the launching station can be determined.

Radio direction-finding is one of the competitive sports and the main content of radio activities. It is similar to the well-known hide-and-seek game, but it is looking for a small signal source (ie, transmitter) that can emit radio waves. It is a radio hide-and-seek game. We also call it fox hunting. It is a combination of modern radio communication technology and traditional hide-and-seek game.

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