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What is A/B Time of Ailunce HD1

What is A/B Time of Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 is a dual-band and dual standby DMR amateur radio developed by Ailunce. Since its release, many versions of firmware and software have been upgraded according to customer needs. The A/B Time setting item was added during the firmware upgrade, but it was not updated to the user manual. Do you know the function of this setting?

The setting item A/B Time on the walkie-talkie is actually the A/B scan time in dual band in the software, that is, the A/B segment switching time. We know that HD1 is a dual-waiting walkie-talkie, not dual-receiving, that is, it cannot receive the information of two waiting channels at the same time, so we need to set the interval waiting time of the two channels. If we set it to 5S, when HD1 is in dual standby mode, it first scans channel A for 5S, during which there is a signal in channel A, it will receive it directly; if there is no sound in the scanned 5S, the walkie-talkie scans channel B directly, and receives a signal if there is no signal. After 5S signal, stop scanning B channel and start scanning A channel.
If you have other settings that you don't understand, you can refer to the HD1 support files on the Ailunce official website. There are almost all guide files including the HD1 user manual, software introduction, and walkie-talkie knowledge. Of course, you can also contact our online customer service directly.

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