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What are VFO and MR modes in ham radio?

What are VFO and MR modes in ham radio?

VFO mode and MR mode

The first way is the VFO or variable frequency oscillator. When you are in this mode and you push the up arrow down arrow buttons, The frequency will go up or down. And in VFO mode, you can edit the frequency via the number keypad, and enter it into the menu list to edit the information. When you are outside and there is no computer, you can edit the VFO quickly and achieve communication. It is just like a temporary communication channel. Of course, if you radio support, you can save the VFO to a channel mode directly.

The MR stands for memory. When in this mode you input a frequency into a memory channel. You can set lots of memory channels. And when using, you just need to turn the channel knob.

What's the zone?

HD1 supports saving 3000 channels. It is a very big quantity. So here we will introduce another word, it is “Zone”. when we open the software, we can find there is a zone, how to use it? Because there are so many channels, we can manage them in groups. Put different channels into different zones, it is more convenient for us. In other words, there are so many files, we can put them into different folders. The zone is like the folder.

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