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What's the 11 meter band

What's the 11 meter band

Recently, our ham friend asked whether HS2 supports 11-meter band transmission. We know that according to the frequency band, the 11-meter band refers to the 25000-28000 kHz or 26-28 MHz / 26000-28000kHz frequency band, and sometimes refers to the 25670 kHz to 26100 kHz. Although this band belongs to the same HF as the 10m band, it is often used for FM broadcasting instead of the SSB communication similar to the 10m band. Do you know why?

Once the 11-meter band was also an amateur band, but later the FCC divided it into the CB band for use. The main reason is that the propagation distance of this band is very limited under normal circumstances, so it is not suitable for long-distance transmission, and the signal quality during the day is usually better than that at night.

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