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The Difference between Memory Channel and VFO Channel

The Difference between Memory Channel and VFO Channel

Get an customer question said "The offset and transmit in channels memory mode does not work. Only in VFO mode." 

Today, we are going to learn why the offset does not work in memory channels?

First, we need to know what is memeory channel. 

As we all known walkie talkies need to communicate on the same frequency, but the frequency is not intuitive and difficult to rememer. Therefore, the radio use memory, which can memorize a certain number of frequencies and distinguish them by storing labels. These memory labels are channels. Normally, the memory channels can be programmed in the software. Otherwise, you change the memory channel information next time in the software, we can understand it is a fixed channel on the radio. So we cant change the offset of a memory channel. 

But VFO mode is different from the memory channel. 

  • VFO is abbreviated of variable frequency oscillator. In VFO mode, you can edit the repeater frequency via the number keypad, at the same time, set the shift direction and offset. When you are outside and there is no computer, you can edit the VFO quickly and achieve communication. It is just like a temporary communication channel. 

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