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Something about ARTS The Auto-Range Transpond System

Something about ARTS The Auto-Range Transpond System

ARTS™, also known as Auto-Range Transpond System, is a type of technology used in two way radios - more specifically, YASUE two way radios. which can be critically important in search-and-rescue applications. 

The Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS) is a feature used to detect and alert you when you and another ARTS-equipped radio station are within range of each other. When ARTS is in use, your radio will transmit for one second every 55 seconds in an attempt to handshake with the other radio. If no signal is received or your radio is out of range of the other for more than two minutes, it will emit a beep alert or tone. Once you and the other radio station are within range of each other again, your radio will receive a transmission from the other radio and beep to acknowledge the reconnection.

Yaesu ARTS

Requirments: same frequency, same DCS tone, Turn on the ARTS function at the same time. 

How does this works? 

1. The ARTS system of radio A starts to perform signal search at the set time interval. When radio B is within the communication range, radio A will sound and prompt "in range" on the screen, and radio A will continue to scan the communication range at the set time interval. 

2. When the B radio leaves the communication range or shuts down for some reason, the A radio continues to perform three communication range scans. When the A radio system does not find the signal, it will sound a warning sound and display "out range".

3. when radio B restarts, radio A starts to search for communication signals automatically, a warning sound appears and displays "in range", which means it has entered the communication range;

4. When the B radio leaves the ARTS system due to conversation, operation and other factors, the A machine also performs three scans, and no signal is found and the warning machine prompts "out range". At this time, the B radio transmits to A according to PTT, and A receives the signal It will display "in range". When both parties exit the ARTS system, the signal range scan will stop. 

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