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Retevis RT52 Dual Band Dual PTT GPS DMR Radio

Retevis RT52 Dual Band Dual PTT GPS DMR Radio

RT52 is dual band DMR radio. Does it is suited for you? Read the article to know the difference with the other DMR radios.

Retevis RT52 main features.

1.Broadband digital GPS two way radio

2.Dual PTT Operation

3.Various Scanning Functions

4.Single/Dual Standby Switch

5.DTMF(Analog Mode)

6.Director Repeater TDMA Tier II Modes (Hytera, MOTOROLA, Kirisun etc.)

7.Voice Recording Option(Analog/Digital, Playback, Delete)

RT52 Unique dual PTT appearance design.

Dual PTT can control two channels in A/B band at the same time, which avoid trouble to switch two channels. Dual band dual display dual PTT receive two channels, improve communication efficiently


Retevis RT52 other functions.

RT52 TFT Screen

1.8″TFT Colorful Display and Customized Display.

RT52 GPS Function

Fix position; Distance measurement; Position sharing. You can enter the GPS state, place the walkie talkie in an open space or receive a better location for a better signal for GPS positioning. If you go out to play, work etc, GPS location can be sent to the companion by Your Radio.


RT52 4000 Channels

4000 Channels Capacity; 250 Zones, 16CH per Zone;  100,000 Digital contacts;
Support DMR IDs database import/export.

VOX Function

Make your hands free.

RT52 Scanning

Use scanning to monitor channels for transmissions or to find someone in your group who has accidentally changed channels.

RT52 Lone Worker

Lone Worker Function, taking lone worker protection seriously have escalated.


Emergency Alert

In an emergency, This function can be used to contact others for help also can be used to alert others when in an emergency.

Technical parameters:

 General specification

Frequency range


Memory Channel

4000 Channels


Operating Voltage

7.4V DC

Frequency    Stability


Operating Temperature



(exclude the antenna)


About 280g(Include in battery and antenna)


Output power

High:≤5W Low:≤1W

Standby Current


Transmit Current

Analog≤1.6A Digital≤0.9A

Modulation Distortion

12.5KHz date and voice:7K60FXW<5%

FM modulation    Mode

11K0F3E@12.5KHz    /141K0F3E@20KHz

FM Noise


Adjacent Power


Audio Response


4FSK digital    modulation

12.5KHz data    


Antenna Port Stray


Digital Protocol

ETSI-TS102    361-1,-2,-3


Analog receive    sensitivity

0.2µV@12dB SINAD

Spurious Response


Digital receive    sensitivity

0.25µV (BER:5%)



Audio Distortion


Adjacent channel    selectivity


Audio response

+1 ~ -3dB

Modulation Noise

≥45dB@25KHz /≥40dB @12.5KHz

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Where can i download the latest FW for that Radio ?

Comment author

Yolanda Author

The RT52 no firmware update. If there is new firmware, we will post here, you can download it at that time. 73s https://www.retevis.com/resources-center/

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