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Do you know the Lock Mode of Ailunce HD2

Do you know the Lock Mode of Ailunce HD2

“Can I lock the channel knob? I don't want to switch channels accidentally.”

“Can I lock the PTT? I only want to receive the signal now.”

-- “Sure.”

As ham, we may go outdoors with radios or we will volunteer at some rescue organizations. We need the radio to keep one channel and it won't be switched accidentally.

Ailunce HD2 added the different lock modes to suit different usage environments. You can lock the keypad or keypad and Channel knob, or keypad and Channel knob and PTT. You can do whatever you want.

When we are outdoors, we can set it via the radio keypad. Easy and convenient.

First we choose one lock mode.【Menu】- 【Main Set】-【Lock Mode】

HD2 Lock Mode

Then we can set an automatic lock or manual lock. 【Menu】- 【Main Set】-【Key Lock】


We hope every design feature or detail of HD2 can make your use easier and more convenient. If you have other suggestions, welcome to leave a message and feedback.

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