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Is your repeater easily chargered

Is your repeater easily chargered

Is your repeater easily charged? Common repeater charger ways are including two categories, one is the DC charger and the other is the AC charger. Some people prefer DC power, others prefer AC power supply, which is determined by personal practical needs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC and AC chargers?

DC charger

Common DC charger ways include car chargers, DC power supplies, or solar energy, and other types of battery panels. The advantages of this type of charger are convenient and portable. You don’t need to stay near to the indoor socket. You can connect the vehicle power supply in the car, or directly connect the battery board in the field, or even put it in a backpack, so that even if you are walking, you can still keep the power supply to ensure that the repeater works normally without interruption. The disadvantage is that the output power, voltage or current of this type of power supply has a certain limit, and maybe you need to charge the battery or Electricity warehouse regularly.

AC charger

The common AC power supply method is mainly AC power cord + power adapter, or the built-in adapter can directly connect to the AC power cord outside. The advantage of this type of power supply is that because it uses the mains power, there is no need to worry about the problem of running out of power like a battery, and the output power is higher than that of a DC power supply. The disadvantage is that it can only be used indoors where there is a commercial power supply, and due to the different electrical regulations in different countries, the AC power supply needs to use the correct electrical standard.
Retevis RT97 is a 10w analog repeater launched by Retevis, which can be ordered in GMRS, UHF or VHF versions. This radio is a portable MINI repeater, so we are not only equipped with a DC car charging cable, but also can be used directly by connecting to the car power supply. In addition, we are also equipped with AC power cords and adapters, which can also be directly used by connecting to the mains at the construction site, and keep working all the time to ensure smooth communication on the construction site.

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