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How to judge whether the antenna is compatible with the walkie-talkie

How to judge whether the antenna is compatible with the walkie-talkie

Nowadays, from schools to community property security, and on construction sites, it can be seen that staff wear walkie-talkies everywhere, and mobile radios are becoming more and more common in workplaces. One factor they have in common is that their information must be transmitted clearly and accurately. So, what if the existing equipment does not transmit smoothly? One option is to scrap the current equipment and repurchase, but it takes time and effort (financial resources).

Why not consider replacing the antenna with a new one? Although the concept of replacing one antenna with another antenna sounds simple, choosing an antenna is not a simple matter. 

How to judge whether an antenna is compatible with your radio?
Generally speaking, how to judge whether an antenna can make your walkie-talkie achieve better reception? 

1. The frequency of the walkie-talkie should overlap/coincide with the frequency of the antenna;
Generally, walkie-talkies and antennas will have a default center operating frequency when they leave the factory. Good results can be achieved with this frequency. The antenna frequency is 136-174Mhz, and the center frequency will generally be 144-148Mhz. The center frequency point is the best working frequency point for the antenna function. The antenna at this point has the highest efficiency, the largest gain, and the smallest standing wave. So when choosing an antenna, it is best to choose a frequency that overlaps with the walkie-talkie.

2. The working frequency of the walkie-talkie should be within the antenna frequency range;
For example, the frequency range of your walkie-talkie is: 400-450MHz, then you can choose a dual-band antenna frequency, that is, both UHF and VHF can be used, and the frequency should include 400-450Mhz;
3. The antenna interface of the walkie-talkie must be compatible/complementary with the antenna connector;
There are many types of antenna interfaces for antennas. The antenna interfaces of handheld walkie-talkies are generally SMA-M or SMA-F, which is what we call male and female. The antenna interface should be compatible with the walkie-talkie interface.

4. The transmitter power of the walkie-talkie should be within the maximum power that the antenna can withstand;

Antennas have certain input power limitations. The power input from the radio station to the antenna does not exceed the maximum antenna power, which neither damages the equipment, but also helps increase the results. This must be paid attention to when purchasing an antenna. 

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