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How Manually Program Retevis RT95 to Connect to a Repeater

How Manually Program Retevis RT95 to Connect to a Repeater

Retevis RT95 is a very pupluar mobile radio for worldwide radio amateurs. and it is very easy to program without the software. Today, let us learn how manually program the RT95 to connect to a repeater?

1. Before do this, you should know the repeater frequency which you want to hit. 

2. Know some simple operation on RT95. for example, Short press the “FUNC” button to switch the sidekeys function, Long press "FUNC" button will enter Menu. 

Okay, let us begin to manually program RT95 connect to a repeater. 

1. For example, the repeater Transmit freuqncy is 439.800Mhz, and receive frequency is 430.800Mhz. the transmit CTCSS is 118.8Mhz. 

2. Use the V/M corresponing key switch to VFO mode, enther the repeater transmit frequency 439.8000Mhz as the mobile radio receive frequency. 

3. Set the shift direction and offset. 

Short press the "FUNC" key switch the function group. Press"SFT" key to choose shift direction+ or - or no offset. and then switch the rotary know to set a correct offset, or directly enter the offset via the microphone key. 

4. After above operations, have a try to hit the PTT to check if all the setting are correct, then you can QSO with others.

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