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How to communicate when the internet and mobile communication network crash?

How to communicate when the internet and mobile communication network crash?

During the important period of global epidemic prevention and control, schools implemented online teaching and companies implemented online offices, which resulted in narrowing the available channels of the Internet and mobile phone networks, may even crash if an emergency occurs. This is likely to affect your contact with rescue personnel in emergency situations. At this time, the role of amateur radio is self-evident because do not rely on the Internet and mobile networks.

What's Amateur radio?

Amateur radio, also said ham radio. It is a way for people with amateur radio licenses to communicate with others in the specified amateur bands of their countries. This is why during 5/12 amateur radio enthusiasts can find the source of the earthquake in three minutes when the infrastructure of the Wenchuan is destroyed, and amateur radio allowed emergency Responders stay in touch with others and the public when the mobile network was paralyzed, the police and fire command center were destroyed due to overload during the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

What's important thing for amateur radio communicate?

1. Easy-to-program amateur radio

The radio used for rescue need to have enough battery capacity, sufficient storage of channels and contacts, and be able to operate without a computer to ensure normal communication without network.

The U / V dual-band DMR amateur radio of Ailunce HD1 is very popular with hams. Its battery capacity is 3200 mAh and has ultra-long Standby Time, supports 3000 channel storage, import 200,000 contacts, and most importantly is that the radio supports Front Panel Programming(FPP). It's very convenient to communicate with friends staying home when the internet and mobile communication network crash or narrow during the important period of global epidemic prevention and control.

2. High-gain portable antenna

The antenna is an important factor that affects the communication distance and quality of the radio. In addition to the original antenna of the amateur radio, we can purchase a high-gain adaptive antenna that is easy to carry and not easy to break. For example, Ailunce HD1 provides Yagi antennas, long antennas, folding antennas and whip antennas in addition to the original antennas. Retevis HA02 and Retevis HA03 are recommended under limited conditions; if you have own radio shack, you can choose the higher gain antenna of Ailunce AY01.


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