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How to set Ailunce HD1 Multiple Radio IDs

How to set Ailunce HD1 Multiple Radio IDs

What's the Digital Radio ID?

HD1 supports to save up to 32 radio ids. Some people use it and think it is very useful. Some people may ask why? because they only have one id. Here I will show a small example. Maybe other users have other usage scenarios.

As usually we only have one DMR radio id. But sometimes we may need to use other ids, even it is not an official id. Such as, I have an official id for hams use, 4606001, and people can check my information via this id number. So I write it on my radio. I use it to communicate with worldwide hams. In other local groups of my city, It is not for hams use, the group will send the members a new id. So I need to save it on my radio too. Or my friend may want to use my radio for outdoor one or two days. He also can write his id on my radio and edit several channels with his id. 

Ailunce HD1 supports to save up to 32 radio ids. You can program it on the software. Or you can add, edit them via radio keypad directly. Very convenient. Here I will show you how to edit it on the software and radio keypad.

Set HD1 radio id on the software

1. Basic Setting -> ID Setting. We can save up to 32 radio ids.


2. Select the radio id you want to use on the channel.  

We need to know that most of the radios, even they support to save multi-ids. But when you select one id, other ids will not available. No matter how many channels they save, they only use one same radio id. HD1 support to use multi-ids in different channels. different channels can use different radio id. Different ids can exist in the different channels at the same time. 


Set radio id via radio keypad directly.

1. MENU -> Radio ID

Here we can edit the radio id, edit the id number and the id name.

2. MEMU -> Band A/B Set -> Radio ID

Here we can select the radio id we want to use in the current channel.

If you have any questions about the HD1 radio id, feel free to leave the message to us.


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Can you have the same radio ID for Band A and Band B

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