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Features of Digital Radio Vocoder

Features of Digital Radio Vocoder

Vocoder is an audio processor that is used to transmit speech or voice signal in the form of digital data. The vocoder is used as short form for voice coder. Vocoders are basically used for digital coding of speech and voice simulation. The bitrate for available narrowband vocoders is from 1.2 to 64 kbps.

Vocoder operates on the principle of formants. Formants are basically the meaningful components of a speech that is generated due to the human voice.

Vocoders are used for voice synthesis. The vocoder takes two signals and creates a third signal using the spectral information of the two input signals. It aims to emblem the amplitude and frequency characteristic of speech signal onto the synthesis signal, while maintaining the pitch of the speech signal.

Features of digital intercom vocoder: 

Support voice full-duplex codec communication.
Support software function upgrade.
Support codec independent squelch control.
Support voice communication noise suppression.
Support DTMF and single tone output function.
Support voice AGC adjustment.
Support receiving voice error statistics function.

Support voice recording and playback function, can record the codec at the same time.
Support AES/ARC4/DES encryption channel.

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