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Display Technology used on Walkie-Talkies

Display Technology used on Walkie-Talkies

There are different types of display screens used on walkie-talkies, such as the segment code screen that can often be seen on Yaesu, the TFT color display that is currently seen on some two way radios, and the dot matrix screen on the entry-level machine Baofeng UV5R. Below we Just learn about the technology of these screens.

1. LCD segment size

Segment code LCD screens were developed in Japan and introduced to China in the 1980s.Mainly used to replace LED digital tube (composed of 7 pen sections, used to display numbers 0-9), such as calculator, clock, etc.The display content is all numbers, relatively simple.There are many kinds of names, such as pen section type LCD screen, small size LCD screen, 8 word screen, pattern LCD screen and so on.

2. Dot matrix display type

Dot matrix screen can be divided into LCD dot matrix screen and LED dot matrix screen.Simply put, there are many points in a range, called pixels.For example, 12864 consists of 128X horizontal points and 64 vertical points.

3.TFT color display type

TFT is a classification of LCD and is the prototype for all current LCD screen improvements.Like previous screens, TFT is dot-matrix, focusing on pixels, and color is the concept of levels.Grade is the indicator standard that expresses LCD brightness intensity, namely commonly known color indicator.Now the market is commonly seen in three color quality: 256 color, 4096 color, 64K (that is, 65536) color, and even higher 260,000 color.Different color quality display effect is different.The display is divided into three categories: plain text, simple images (such as cartoons, mainly menu charts and drawn standby images), and photo images.

4. Hidden Display 

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