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Digital repeater or MMDVM hotspot? How to choose?

Digital repeater or MMDVM hotspot? How to choose?

What is the difference between digital hotspot and MMDVM digital hotspot repeater? 

Communication conditions.
Repeater: If there is a digital repeater locally, if you know the frequency and color code related information, you can communicate with each other after confirming the setting certificate of the mobile station.
Digital hotspot: Need to go through the Internet/Wifi.

Who can you communicate with?
Repeater: If there is a local digital repeater, you can communicate with the hams who have successfully connected to this repeater.

Digital hotspot: The digital hotspot is through the Brandmeister web server. If it works successfully, it can be online with any ham CQ in the world. 

When can I communicate?
Repeater: Generally, the time of repeater in each place is determined by the repeater owner. Some relays will remain online for 24 hours.

Digital hotspot: the digital hotpsot can works anywhere with a network or mobile phone sharing hotspots are also available, then you can communicate at any time.

Simplified and complicated hand-set settings?
Repeater: Each repeater has fixed information, and a separate channel needs to be set for each mobile station. Connect each different repeater by switching channels on the handheld radio or mobile radio.

Digital hotspot: All digital hotspots have a default frequency information. The DMR radio only needs to set one channel. Adding different groups to the receiving group list can receive different signals. A DMR handheld radio like Ailunce HD1 has a digital group match function. Turn on this function and keep it on one channel to receive messages from many groups.

Handheld equipment requirements.
When accessing the repeater, you should first stay within the range of the repeater. Generally it is high power transmission.

For hotspots, if you use a wifi connection, the handheld DMR radio needs to transmit at low power within the network range.

If the location can be connected to the digital repeater, then only one digital DMR radio can fully meet the daily communication.

But if there is no digital repeater in the local area, if you want to use a digital DMR radio to communicate, you can buy one by picking up some pocket money.  

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