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The Difference between Memory Channel and VFO Channel

we are going to learn why the offset does not work in memory channels?  ...

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How to upgrade the firmware of Retevis RT83

How to upgrade the firmware of Retevis RT83?  ...

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How to Upgrade Retevis RT76P Firmware

RT76P firmware Cancel Preset CTCSS/DCS: Press the "PTT+9" together, then turn on the radio, when hearing " off", the preset CTCSS tones are canceled.   ...

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Why hams like to set up radios in the wild?

Many hams have their ham radio shacks, but almost every weekend, hams still like to go to the field to set up antennas and radios. Why? After the last two fieldsets, I think I understand them.  ...

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The Update of Retevis RA85 GMRS Radio

Cancel all the Retevis RA85 GMRS preset CTCSS/DCS tone.  ...

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How to change between VFO and CH modes of RT3S

How to change between analog and DMR modes of RT3S in VFO mode  ...

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