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ISB Modulation

Like VSB, ISB is also a modulation method between double sideband (DSB) and single sideband (SSB).  ...

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Why do we need VSB modulation

in order to avoid this loss, a technique was chosen, which is a compromise between DSB-SC and SSB, called Vestigial Sideband (VSB) technique.  ...

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Two Way Radio Channel Busy Lock Function

Channel Busy Lock is a privacy feature that keeps communication lines open by preventing radios from listening or transmitting through conversations outside their talkgroup. Whenever the radio is not allowed to talk, you will hear a busy tone if you try to transmit.  ...

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Tips for Two Way Radio Charging

Try to recharge the battery after each charge. Use, this is more conducive to protect the health of the battery.  ...

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Why do hams like the DRM

DRM is a digital commercial broadcasting model that provides FM-equivalent sound quality to shortwave broadcasts.  ...

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Why does amateur radio not support CB band

Why does amateur radio not support the CB band?  ...

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Why do you need a DMR walkie-talkie?

Although analog walkie-talkies have become the norm over the decades, and in some cases, analog technology is indeed a very useful communication technology, DMR radios also offer many advantages over analog walkie-talkies.  ...

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Why do you choose an analog walkie-talkie

The FCC created the analog Private Mobile Radio (SMR) standard in the late 1970s and allowed two-way communication in certain frequency bands for commercial and commercial systems. Analog two-way radios have been the standard for decades since then, and have ushered in the zenith of their development. So why do people choose analog walkie-talkies?  ...

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Just need a Inverter

We always use the adapter to convert AC to DC, do you know how to invert DC to AC?  ...

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