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Ailunce Website Super Sale is coming

Ailunce Website Super Sale is coming

Big News

To all friends,

Hope you everything goes well.

One year has passed. Thanks for all your supports to Ailunce. 

When HD1 released for test the first time, there are many shortcomings. Thanks for all your suggestions to us. they make the HD1 better and better. We always thought HD1 is a radio we design together. Without your suggestions, without HD1. You make HD1 more suitable for hams use. Really appreciate it. 

All the advice and suggestions, we will take them seriously and keep updating the firmware and software, as always.

The website is currently running. We hope it can carry more content (blog, forum, resource download, etc.) and give more supports to all hams. If you have any suggestions for us, welcome to contact us.

To thanks for your continued understanding and supports, Ailunce website will offer a super sale this weekend. 

Super Sale! Super Sale!! Super Sale!!! 

Flash sale, from 19.1.2019 to 20.1.2019. This weekend only.

Note: Only support to buy from Ailunce website.

Please follow us, don't miss, the big surprise is coming.


Best Regards, 73s


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