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Ailunce HD2 IP67 Dual Band Dual Mode DMR Radio

Ailunce HD2 IP67 Dual Band Dual Mode DMR Radio

Ailunce HD2 is the same as HD1, strong and sturdy. Just like Ham said, as strong as a hammer. They are both IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

We did some different on the PTT design. When we take the radio outdoors, whether we take it via the radio belt or just put it in the bag, We can avoid inadvertent transmission as much as possible.

Also to avoid the channel being switched unintentionally, we have appropriately increased the damping effect of the knob. When you get the HD2, you can try and feel the difference between HD1 and HD2. Lock Mode is another useful little function. You can lock the keypad or keypad and Channel knob, or keypad and Channel knob and PTT. You can set whatever you want according to your environment.


HD2 has added a dedicated alarm function key. As ham, we may go outdoors with radios or we will volunteer at some rescue organizations, if the radio has an alarm function, it’s better. I hope we won’t use the function forever, but it’s necessary. We designed a protection for the alarm key, If we press it horizontally don't trigger the alarm. If you don't use the alarm, you can define it as other functionsHD2 Alarm

Ailunce HD2 is an FPP(Front Panel Programming) radio, almost all of the settings can be completed via the radio keyboard. When we don’t need to import lots of channels and contact information, We don’t even need software.


We can short-press the EXIT key to switch VFO and Channel modes. Once enter VFO mode, Long-press EXIT key, and we can switch analog and digital modes. Then enter the band A/B set, we can set all the information and save it as a channel. It's very convenient.

HD2 added RxALLCC, we can see it in the HD2 menu list. RxALLCC is Color Code promiscuous. It's similar to contact promiscuous. it will receive signals from other digital channels with different contacts and color codes.

HD2 supports double PTT. we can set a side key as sub-PTT, press PTT to transmit the A band and press sub-ptt to transmit the B band. No need to switch the main and sub-channel. The photo below also shows the night mode, we can choose whether to enable it according to the environment. HD2 supports setting the radio to different brightness too.


HD2 has a built-in Bluetooth module, you can use the RETEVIS Bluetooth earpiece and speaker mic with it. 


HD1 is a dual-band DMR radio, and HD2 supports tri-band, In IARU region 2, you can use 225MHz. The US version supports NOAA weather scans and alerts, giving you real-time reminders of weather conditions.


As the number of DMR ID registrations increases, HD2 also increases the number of stored contacts. The address book contacts increase from 200,000 to 500,000. the priority contacts increase from 1000 to 5000. You can edit the priority contacts via the radio keypad easily. 

We can download the digital contacts from the Ailunce website https://www.ailunce.com/ResourceCenter/, Upload the contacts CSV sheet to the radio via the CPS. It will display the transmitter information as the photo shows.


In addition to the functions mentioned above, HD2 dual band dual mode DMR radio also supports GPS, a 3200mAH Large capacity battery, High power, FM broadcast, cross-band receive and transmit, 3000 channels, DCDM, Scan, and so on.

Regarding the High power, HD2 added a low power of 0.5w for using hotspots, like MMDVM. And the scan is different from HD1. In VFO mode, HD2 supports setting a scan start frequency and end frequency. More convenient for our daily use.

HD2 has many other designs worthy of your expectations. Of course, it will also have some shortcomings. You are welcome to give us more feedback and suggestions. We will continue to update the firmware and optimize the HD2 to make it better. 

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