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Why and how to switch to talk around mode for Ailunce HD1?

Why and how to switch to talk around mode for Ailunce HD1?

 Talk around is to cancel the frequency difference between TX and RX frequencies. For Ailunce HD1, it works in repeater mode and cross-band receive and transmits mode. but do you know why and how to switch to turn around mode for Ailunce HD1? 

Why switch to talk-around mode?

When we are in the range of the same repeater, we can connect to the repeater to make QSO with hams to extend the transmission distance; but when we need to go to each other and the distance becomes close enough, we can switch to talk-around mode to release the repeater frequency occupation.

How to set to the talk-around mode for Ailunce HD1?

The talk-around can be set on your Ailunce HD1 radio or in its software. when we want to set it on the radio directly. please press MENU=>Main Set=>Key Define, then we'll enter the side key define item. We can press the up and down key to select the Relay as below.

Then when we want to switch between talk-around and repeater mode, we only need to short press the side key one. 

If you want to set it in software, please download the driver and software of Ailunce HD1 first. then open the software, click the Key Setting, then select the Repeater/Talkaround as below.

If you want to default a channel to talk-around mode, you can check the item in the channel as below.

How to switch between repeater mode and talk-around mode?

After setting ok, we can long or short press the key that you set to switch the mode.

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