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Which Retevis DMR Radio Supports APRS

Which Retevis DMR Radio Supports APRS

As a professional developer and manufacturer of wireless two-way communication equipment, Starting from 2008 RETEVIS specializes in two way radio and accessories, from general personal users, commercial users to amateur users, there are some ham radio models. Like RetevisRT23, Retevis3S,Retevis82,Retevis84,RetevisRT72,Retevis RT90, RetevisRT52,Retevis73, and self-developed model Ailunce HD1.  These models are famous in radio amateurs. they are all dual band support DMR and analog mode. and some of them have the GPS built-in. Do you know which Retevis DMR Radio supports APRS feature?

1. First, we know that if the radio support APRS, it should be the GPS built-in, or comes with a GPS antenna like RT73 mobile radio. 

2. Most of these models only supports APRS works on digital mode, but RT73's APRS can works on both digital and analog mode. 

3. How does DMR APRS works on these models. 

The DMR radio (GPS version) sends an SMS message with GPS information to the MMDVM hotspot board -> MMDVM receives the data packet and forwards it to the BrandMeister (BM) server via the network -> the BM server forwards the GPS message packet to aprs.fi, thus Enables real-time viewing of positioning and movement trajectories on the aprs.fi website. 

4. What other equirpment need to supports APRS works. 

You need a MMDVM hotspot which can monitor Brandmeister TG groups, or your local digital repeater can forward the GPS information to Brandmeister Serve.

5. How to operate these radios DMR APRS ?

The basic configurations almost same, only some difference in the software settings. 

But you can refer to the configuration of HD1 APRS. 

  How does DMR APRS work on the Ailunce HD1

6. Which radio model can refer to this configuration?

RT3S GPS version, RT82 GPS version, RT90 GPS version. RT73 Mobile Radio. 

7. The new mobile radio Retevis RT73 supports to operate digital and analog APRS. The RT73 Analog APRS details configration please refer to below link:

How to set Analog APRS on Retevis RT73

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